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Application Modernization

Application Modernization

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Most technology products have a life cycle of only five years. Then outdated technologies become a severe IT issue that almost all organizations face eventually. Antiquated IT systems generate bugs, errors, and critical issues with a domino effect that must be eliminated.

Legacy application modernization aligns the existing legacy software stack with modern business and functional requirements using new technologies.

The overriding goal of upgrading legacy systems is to guarantee that the upgraded system has the same capabilities and is compatible with existing data formats.

It is an incremental process different for each organization and may include adopting technologies such as the cloud, mobility, advanced analytics, and cybersecurity.


Modernize Development

  • IaaS
  • Re-host to Cloud
  • DevOps implementation
  • Application monitoring

Upgrade Technology

  • Implement new frameworks/Languages
  • Upgrade and re-factor to latest version in the same technology stack

Modernize Application

  • Re-architect and modernize technology stack
  • Re-design with a service-first, modular approach
  • Leverage modern technology frameworks and languages

Transform Business Model

  • Re-imagine and future proof the product for a connected landscape
  • Adapt a platform strategy and support multiple business model
  • Adapt AI/ML/BI
  • Adapt AR/VR Experience

Aress approach for legacy application assessment for the right path to modernization without critical business disruptions