offshore software development

About Us

Well, there are lots of us – around 500 at present. From Rahul, our Founder and CEO, through the rest of the senior management team, the project managers, coordinators and leaders, the development staff and technical support agents and those that make sure we all work in a safe and clean environment – and get fed when it’s time!

If our people aren’t happy, we’ll find it hard to make you happy, and believe us, we want to make you fully satisfied with whatever work you choose to give us.

We have all the credentials to do what we do and do it well. We will never have any problems getting customer references. Their praise is almost embarrassing sometimes. Still we strive to get better all the time.

Our experience means we know what we are talking about. In the odd case we may not, you can be sure we’ll tell you. We are flexible and easy to work with and have a western presence to talk to whenever you feel the need.

We have a wide range of service offerings and are happy to provide them all or any subset you need. And because our costs are low, we provide great value.

Please get in touch in whatever way suits you and we will be happy to have an open discussion to see how we can work together.


We have 19 years of experience and over 1000 offshore projects under our belt. We are happy to have helped many customers to build their web, mobile and software product systems. Their success is our pleasure and success too. We like our clients to prosper so we do too.


We have 25,000 sq ft of brand new offices. This is supported by comprehensive and resilient energy and bandwidth connectivity with backup for everything. We are a financially strong major business house – we’re here to stay.

Our Customers

We have a huge variety of customers all over the world. Substantial corporations use software we have developed and so do SMEs and startups. Our support services are used by thousands of people every single day. Look at Customer Speak to see what they say.