mobile app development

Mobile and Tablet Development

Mobile and Tablet Development

No Software product today is complete without a comprehensive mobile presence. We help you in not only developing that strategy and also implementing that presence. Here at Aress, we have a large dedicated mobile application development business unit, which is constantly delivering mobile and tablet apps in the latest versions of iOS, Android and Windows Phone, as well as cross platform development tools such as PhoneGap, J2ME, Appcelerator and HTML5.

We have been developing mobile apps for many years with the breadth of our expertise extending to other OS (BlackBerry and Symbian), communications protocols (Bluetooth, GPRS and Near Field Communication) and messaging services (SMS, MMS).

The domains we have expertise in are:
  • Business apps
  • Calendar and address book apps
  • Healthcare, health and lifestyle apps
  • Supply chain management apps
  • Digital Publishing apps
  • Location app
  • Entertainment apps
  • Mobile Messaging apps
  • Games Engines
  • Apps utilizing GPS and LBS (Location Based Services)
  • Apps integrating with third-party APIs such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, Google Calendar.

Aress has been building mobile apps for over 10 years now. Initially developing embedded software for hand-held wireless devices, we are now focused exclusively on enterprise mobility and consumer-oriented apps. Our detailed knowledge of mobile and enterprise systems helps us routinely solve some of the most challenging problems. In particular, our dedication to quality-driven processes has led us to devising a development and delivery methodology specially tailored for mobile solutions. This methodology has been fine-tuned over 100+ delivered projects and it includes numerous templates and checklists which ensure that the application is designed for performance and ease of use.

We have also over the years built a strong security centre of excellence and our Subject Matter Experts ensure that customer data is safe and secure no matter where it is – on device or over the air.

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