Microsoft .Net Application Development

Microsoft .Net Application Development

A robust development framework for building secure and scalable applications.

Aress Software is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner with proven competencies in Software Development, Web Development, and Mobility solutions. ASP.Net has the power to build the applications that can perform to the highest level of security, scalability and performance required for any mission critical applications.

Our team has extensive knowledge and experience in .NET tools and languages, as well as .NET-based architectures, servers, and web services. We have the right mix of Microsoft certified developers, architects, designers, project managers and QA for .NET application development.

We have designed secure & reliable web services using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), built rich internet applications and portals with next generation UI using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) and Silverlight, addressed mission critical business processes using Windows Workflow Foundation (WF4 ) and created flexible data access options using

Microsoft.Net Expertise

  • Web Applications: ASP.Net, ASP.Net AJAX, Classic ASP, Silverlight
  • Windows Applications: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms
  • Mobile Applications: Windows Mobile 6.1/6.5, ActiveSync, Windows Mobile Device Center
  • Middle Tier Technologies: .NET Remoting, .Net Web Services, Windows Communications Foundation (WCF)
  • Languages: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET (.Net Framework 3.5/4.0), HTML 4/5, Javascript, XML, XSLT, XAML
  • ASP.Net View Engines: ASP.NET MVC - Razor
  • Data Access: ADO.Net, LINQ
  • Storage: SQL Server 2005/2008
  • Reporting: SQL Server Reporting Services
  • IDE: Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010, Visual Studio Team System (VSTS)
  • Servers: IIS, Application Center
  • Third Party Control Libraries: Infragistics, Telerik, Dundas
  • Configuration Management Tools: VSS, CVS, Team Foundation Server
  • Daily Build & Integration Tools: NAnt, TFS Build Framework
  • Reusable Code Components: Extensive library of reusable software components

Our Projects Portfolio Covers it all!

  • roodland

    Corporate Wellness and Occupational health Specialist

    Technology: .Net, jQuery, HighCharts, SQLServer

    They are the field leaders in Occupational Health. They have extensive experience of creating and delivering corporate wellness strategies, from health education and promotion to comprehensive health screening programmes.

  • ccchealth

    Home visiting opticians

    Technology: WPF, Sql server 2008 R2 Standard Edition, Replication, SSRS reports, ASP.NET , C#, Telerik WPF controls

    A system developed for community health which allows Free NHS Eye Tests at home if you have trouble getting to the high street on your own. They work closely with local Eye Hospitals ensuring that they are fully up to date with constantly changing treatment opportunities, especially for Cataracts, Macular Degeneration and Glaucoma.

  • tmc

    Time Card Monitor system

    Technology: ASP.Net MVC 4 amd MS SQL 2014

    Payroll made simpler with this system. It is an alternative to a manual time clock. Its simplified features make it very user friendly. It allows for employee punches to be compared to a schedule, among other business rules. It allows you to track hours of employees. The system enables companies with multiple departments or locations to feed data into a centralized data base in real time.

  • virtual runner

    Virtual Runner

    Technology: ASP.Net MVC 4 amd MS SQL 2014

    This software is targeted for athletes. It allows them to conduct their daily workout at home without running on actual race tracks. System also provides the personal workout records for the user to improvise their performance. No special treadmill required! User simply installs the system on their PC or Laptop along with selected videos, then attach the included FootPod to their shoelace and plug in the USB stick to their PC or Laptop. Next, selects which video or videos wish to view and start the program. After a brief countdown, video begins to play on your monitor or HDTV (if connected.) As user run, the FootPod transmits runner’s pace to the USB receiver using ANT+ protocol. This data i s read by the Software, which adjusts the speed of the video based on this data. If user runs faster, the video will speed up. If user slow down, the video will slow down.

  • esct

    Hospital Cleaning Management Solution

    Technology: .NET 3.5, ASP.NET, C#, AJAX, JSON, JQuery, MS SQL Server 2008 R2, XCode 6.0 for iOS apps

    Offers a well-organized management system giving the ability to measure and visualize cleaning management operations. Helps managers to bring costs down and improve the overall quality of service in hospitals, nursing homes or long term care facilities.

  • referraldo

    Employee referral solution

    Technology: Microsoft with MVC architecture, SQL server 2008 R2, Jquery 1.7.1, Jquery UI 1.8.20, Windows Server

    ReferralDo is a fast and easy-to-use tool, built keeping in mind maximum employee engagement for sharing job openings within the employee social network and letting them earn rewards at every step of the recruitment process.

    With ReferralDo Employees can earn rewards by sending referrals in multiple ways using their trusted network. ReferralDo allows user to analyse and track each referral activity.

  • Badge Printing Software

    Badge Printing Software

    Technology: .Net, SqlLite, Active Reports, Silverlight

    This application offers a solution for preparing badges at your desk prior to an event, and for handling last -minute arrivals on-site. No more time spent cutting up labels, or unprofessional hand-written name badges. With rich formatting tools and inbuilt image catalog system ensures your event looks professional and organized with minimal cost and effort! The application also comes with ready to use templates and is completely re-usable so you don’t have to buy new badges for your next event. User-friendly management sections to manage/print/search all your event delegates. Advance functionalities to add 1D or 2D barcode and import delegate features.

  • Wedding Venues Directory Services

    Wedding Venues Directory Services

    Technology: ASP.NET, VB.NET, Jquery, RaphaelJS, SQL SERVER 2005,

    This directory service website offers service to help you with every aspect of getting married from the engagement through to your honeymoon. It has wedding information for the bride, groom, best man, bridesmaids, ushers, wedding venues, a wedding shop, directory of wedding suppliers, jokes, wedding speeches, traditions, myths, rings and much more

    The key features include Wedding Venues, Suppliers, Fashion Houses, Articles, Forums and Blogs.

    • Searching for the perfect wedding venue.
    • Most popular searches and auto complete search(guesses what you're typing and offers suggestions in real time)
    • Roll-over Map and quick links
    • Search by postcode, area, town, county, region, name and group name.
    • Slider and filters to narrow the search
    • Google map view
    • Wedding venues checklist