offshore software development

Client Testimonials

"I am absolutely delighted with these Dashboards developed in Power BI - they are fantastic and will be so useful for analysing our business moving forward."

Paul Chapman-Hatchett, CCC Health

"After doing an extensive online search for a company who could help me create my software product for the health and fitness marketplace, I elected to go with Aress India. I found my initial contact, Alan Acton to be very helpful and patient while clarifying the specifications for the project. I also found their rates and bid for my project to be realistic and fair.

As the project progressed over an approximate 12 month period, there were a number of small "gotcha's" that one invariably encounters that were not in the original scope of the project but necessary for a successful final product. Once again, I found working with Alan and Aress Team Leader Priya Ekbote to be both easy and effective.

I originally had my doubts about working with developers outside of the US but am very happy I selected Aress and plan to continue using their services on an ongoing basis. I highly recommend them without reservation."

Gary McNamee, Founder Outside Interactive

"Aress came to the rescue after our original developers let us down and from the very start they have proven to be a fantastic development agency to work with. Aress have taken on board our 3 consumer websites plus full development of our iPhone and Android applications.

I have been very impressed with the professional and friendly service received from Aress, they always go the extra mile to help you succeed. Priya and her team are very thorough, track all jobs from start to finish, quick to respond to emails and resolve any issues promptly and efficiently."

Steven Brett,

"Rhythms is the latest initiative of the Tearfund charity to help people explore how to live a life of justice every day. Rhythms is a smartphone app and a website that gives you a stack of different actions to take. Some are easy and some are pretty challenging, but you choose what you want to do based on where you’re at. The app can be used with friends so you can share the journey together. It’s basically a fun way to start making some of the changes that you want to make but don’t know how. We at Tearfund are delighted with the work Aress has done on the app and website. We plan to continue using Aress for the foreseeable future."

Matt Valler,

"Working with Aress with easy and enjoyable. They always took the time to understand the issues and it was easy to talk to them about the project and discuss anything that came up. They were able to take over a project that was started by another developer and their work was clean and professional and maintainable. We're very happy with the results and we look forward to working with them again in the future!"

Saman Sartipi

"The work provided by Aress was of the highest quality, and enabled us to rapidly roll out the uVent site. Aress didn't need constant monitoring, and continued to deliver working product that could be quickly integrated. I would absolutely use Aress again."

Peter Hancock, Founder, uVent Limited.

"When our team was looking to outsource the development of our website, we went through an intense process which included research on numerous firms in the US, Canada and India. We ultimately decided to use Aress as they were the most responsive to our business needs, understood our requirements in great detail and communicated extremely well with our internal team. Subject to the usual scope adjustments, our project was completed on time and on budget. In fact, I have been involved in numerous development projects in my 16+ year career and this was one of the most seamless and enjoyable projects I have worked on. I personally can not recommend the Aress team enough. They are a solid, solid team and a great partner to work with."

Christian Misvaer, Entrepreneur & Founding Member of Founders42

"We have worked with Aress for over 4 years now. They have supported us with hundreds of site projects and our dedicated team in India are a key part of our development process."

Dean Yardley,

"We have worked with Aress for the past year. They have been a great development partner in getting the initial development of our platform and mobile application delivered. We consider them a true partner with our business as our off-shore development resource center."

Nowell Outlaw, Whats Shakn

"Aress India - is a great, reliable company. We have been using their services for over 4 years now and look forward to working with them in the future. They are an essential part of our business and come highly recommended. The company, management and employees are flexible and can adapt to our needs.

Thank you very much and keep up the good work!"

Hayley, VB 12 Marketing

"I have worked with Aress India from early 06' and am impressed with the service I have received thus far. Communication has only been clear and the skills I have required have been provided, above expectation. I can safely recommend Aress to any entrepreneur or SME looking for a good back office solution."

Brendan Nash, CEO, SML Limited

"Aress India is a very professional organisation. This our second attempt at outsourcing part of our software engineering to an Indian company. After several months I am very happy we have moved our work across to Aress.

Successful outsourcing is not necessarily easy, however Aress has a depth of diverse resources that enabled them to quickly put together an experienced team of project mangers, architects and engineers.

My experience over many years in the IT industry is that stuff goes wrong, and it can go wrong anywhere in the life cycle, be it at my requirements end or at the execution end. Aress has given me a high degree of confidence as a result of repeated responsiveness and flexibility at short notice when we have needed it. We will be increasing the amount of software engineering we rely on them for."

Graham Merrett, Bell Velocity Pty Ltd. Australia

"Kidspot has been working with Aress since May 2007 and we have developed a number of successful products and tools for our award winning parenting website: and our social networking site for mums: They are a well managed team that delivers daily work reports and is very open to feedback and client testing along the way. Their developers are responsive and their project leaders are effective. We would highly recommend their services to ASP and PHP based websites."

Katie May, CEO, Pty Ltd

"After wasting many months and valuable development costs, we were lucky enough to be referred to Aress by Working with Aress was a pleasant and rewarding experience. The level of communication was refreshing. We received daily reports on the status of issue resolution and if there were items that required heightened priority, they were handled quickly and efficiently.

Aress took our site from the original base to the site that we had always envisaged it could be. Aress was very forth coming in making suggestions that would improve the look and functionality of the site. This showed a high level of understanding of our requirements and also understanding of accepted development concepts and logic rules.

We will definitely use Aress in the future for all of our development work.

Thank you and keep up the good work!"

Ashley Gurrie, CEO,, LLC Maryland, USA

"I want to thank aress and all who work side by side to build our website with success. Our 5 years cooperation with aress has proven to be one of the strongest relationships our company did the last years. I highly recommend their professional work to any small or medium sized business."

Angelides Loukianos, Chief Web Analyst Officer, Easy Metrix Web Analytics

"AressIndia was recommended by a business partner back in early 2008, and we have been outsourcing many of our design projects to them ever since. AressIndia have proved themselves to be a trustworthy, reliable and professional company to work with. Their designers are very creative and are willing to adapt to our requirements, and management has been responsive to our needs.

We look forward to continue working and growing our business with AressIndia as our reliable outsourcing company."

T. Nguyen, Aplusmedia

"It has been a pleasure working with Aress India. We were initially just looking for a web developer to redesign our existing website and give it a professional, yet easy to navigate design. Now one year later Aress has helped us to successfully implement a total of four websites in four different languages with another version upon completion. Company representatives have been available throughout the entire project process and extremely fast in implementing requested changes.

We look forward working with Aress in the future."

Marco, Tenmat Inc, Delaware, USA