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Website Redesign using PHP WordPress

1. Introduction

This project is the redesign of the existing website of a Business Capital & Services company in USA. The redesign is done in PHP Word Press and using Visual Composer.

The purpose of the website is to provide business finance to the different business companies in the USA. Hence the objective of the website is to list different business finance products and related services. The website also provides an ability to the applicant to apply for the business loan.

The website has integrated the “Finicity” web API to fetch the Bank statements and Transactions of the applicant. The Website is also integrated with the “Docusign” to pull the PDF of the application details filled by applicant and e-sign it.

nbc Business Financing

2. Architecture of Loan Application Process

Architecture of Loan Application Process
  • It is two tier architecture, Web Server and Salesforce Server
  • It has used web hook to fetch the number of bank statement in the background so that the user flow on the front end does not have to wait. Thus, web hook has provided enhanced user experience.

Architecture Diagram of Finicity Loan Application process

Loan Application Process

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