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.NET Vs Open Source Technologies

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Posted on Dec 14, 2013
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.NET Vs Open Source Technologies

There are a lot of factors that have to be considered when deciding what platform or technologies to use for a specific software project. The main area of concern for most is the cost associated with licensing and/or using the technologies. Another concern is the end-user usability and if it is a large application or a smaller-scale application. Something else to consider is what is feasible for the developers themselves, what language do they have an expertise in, would they be comfortable with others accessing their source code, or do they prefer to not let their work be accessible to the public? There are pro’s and con’s to both sides:

  1. The advantages of using .NET platform:
    Most developers like using the Microsoft tech stack, as it is relatively easy to use. The .NET tech stack is widely believed to be very easy to develop with, and utilizing these technologies seems to offer a wide range of benefits. The first benefit is that a Windows server is much easier to configure as compared with a Linux server. It is believed that configuring a Linux server, especially with no or minimal previous experience has a much steeper learning curve and demands more time investment. Another benefit of utilizing Microsoft technologies is the flexibility to work with varying languages on a framework, whether it be object-oriented or more functional, there is a choice between languages to produce the best possible end-product.

    Many developers also find some advantages of the Microsoft tech stack to be the quickness of being able to produce the product since there is often lesser complexity when it comes to the .NET code. There is also the ability to build both Windows and Web applications, which allow for the use of multiple opportunities for builds. Developers prefer .net technologies is it allows ‘Rapid Application Development’ which is a quick and efficient way of developing applications.

  2. The advantages of using Open Source:
    Over the past few years, there has been a shift towards the use of open-source technologies, and there is certainly a reason behind the shift. The main reason seems to be the flexibility of being able to combine multiple technologies. But choosing what technologies to combine and utilize can be a difficult task in itself.

    Open-Source technologies are community based technologies, and are most often shareable. This allows many other developers to learn and gain exposure and experience from another developer’s source code. The main benefit of the open-source tech stack is the affordability of the technologies. Most companies are content with the quality and the return on investment of the technologies. Overall, most open-source technologies offer a cost-efficient, secure solution for development environments.

  3. Which Technology is better of the two?
    There is no easy answer to this question, since there are many factors to consider. Both open-source and .net technologies have their own benefits of use, and any company or business will have to evaluate these factors before making a decision. The main focus should be on clearly defining what the goals of the application are, and doing the right research to understand what approach would be most effective and yield the best possible outcome.

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