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JMeter – A performance testing tool

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Posted on Oct 13, 2015
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JMeter – A performance testing tool

JMeter is a performance testing tool for web applications and a variety of other related services like Databases and Webservices. JMeter is a pure java GUI application.

Advantages of JMeter are as follows:

  • Open Source: It simply translates into “Free to install and use”. Users do not have to purchase various licences for using this.

  • Platform Independent: It’s a pure Java GUI application. It works on Windows and Linux.

  • Mutithreaded Framework: It creates multiple threads to accomplish the goal of performance testing

  • Easy to install: It’s easy to install so it is beginner friendly.

  • Extensible: Multiple third party plugins can be downloaded to extend functionality of JMeter.

  • Multi Protocol Support: It supports testing over HTTP, FTP, variety of webservices and more.

  • Record and Playback: It provides easy record and playback functionality.

  • Scripting Support: JMeter scripts can be scripted with Beanshell and other programming languages.

  • Support for distributed Testing: Complex frameworks can be setup for testing with multiple high systems.

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