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Here’s How to Make the Most of Moving Your Business to the Cloud

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Posted on Mar 01, 2022
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Here’s How to Make the Most of Moving Your Business to the Cloud

For businesses looking for a great way to modernize their approach to enterprise, it pays to have your head in the cloud. Cloud computing can help make your service to consumers faster, more efficient, and easier for everyone involved.

However, there is a slight learning curve. This is especially true when it comes to outages and other issues that may arise and cause problems with the platform and your site’s place on it.

The AWS Outage of 2020

2020 was arguably one of the worst years in recent history. So for many consumers, the fact that numerous popular, debatably vital digital services went down on the same day and at the same time just seemed logical. It might as well happen!

The truth is, though, these services all had one major thing in common. They were all serviced by AWS – Amazon Web Services. This cloud computing platform hosts everything from popular social media companies to gaming platforms, money movement software, and even security systems.

When these services suddenly became unavailable, things got scary for many consumers.

It was more than a matter of books being unavailable and packages not arriving where and when they were scheduled to – although those issues were definitely frustrating! Rather, people had major disruptions to their work, school, and personal lives that they felt like they had no help with for hours on end.

What to Do if This Happens to Your Business?

It might seem like this is a cautionary tale against AWS, but the truth is that all cloud computing systems have outages. The lesson to be learned here is that good customer support is necessary.

Working with a company that can provide experienced, knowledgeable AWS enterprise support will help you make the best decisions when building and launching your new cloud-based business profile. It can also help you when outages inevitably happen. This way, your consumers will have fewer hours or days without your services – and your team will have fewer worries!

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