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Over time, enterprise level businesses face difficult challenges in supporting their legacy applications. These applications are essential for the running of the business, yet the maintenance costs and support requirements that they present mean an over-inflation of costs that have a drastic effect on your bottom line. Reengineering these legacy applications to harness the newest technologies and environments is crucial in ensuring the ongoing success of your business.

Aress provides application reengineering and web application development services that are built on our two decades of experience and R&D focus to deliver robust solutions that provide smarter, more efficient ways to work. Our proven processes mean that your software applications are optimized to run more powerfully but with fewer resources. Our modern approach to reengineering is delivered by highly experienced software developers with vast experience in a range of industries.

Benefits for the Clients

  • We use proven processes, expertise and technologies to provide reengineering of any application for modern frameworks such as Linux, UNIX, .NET and J2EE.
  • Complete optimization of architecture to provide the enhanced value of the application in a speedy and effective way.
  • We harness your existing business logic and transform it using a structured approach to create a truly contemporary experience for your employees and customers.
  • We reduce your costs by offering a more flexible way to respond to changes in your market while providing the benefit of robust technical support.
Client Benefits

Our Offerings


We begin by performing a thorough evaluation and assessment of your existing legacy system in order to create a strategy for reengineering your applications. We incorporate your vision and values within this roadmap in order to maximize your ROI. We assess your needs in terms of architecture and opportunities, and together with you, we determine the schedule for your redevelopment.

Language Upgrading

We reengineer legacy languages using a suite of automation utilities in order to harness modern technologies that cater better for your evolving business needs.

Our user interface reengineering services provide a range of options for updating the look, redesigning interfaces or completely rewriting your applications.

We utilize a range of proprietary tools and processes to reengineer legacy databases in order to bring them to your current standards and criteria. We deliver normalization, correctness, distribution and optimization to free you from the obsolete and to move you into the modern world. Our comprehensive testing and implementation processes are made easier with our tools and provide the means to compare the new to the old for more robust service.

We harness a powerful method of technology upgrading methodology to provide a comprehensive analysis of your processes within your organization. We examine all key areas to identify those that will greatly increase your ROI. We exploit your existing processes to lay a foundation for a successful upgrade.

Our Process

New Opportunities or Business Innovation

Application Reengineering

  • Assess

    Understand Existing Processes

    Understand Existing Architecture

    Understand Existing Database

  • Identify

    Identify Processes Redesign

    Technology Selection

    Rapid Prototyping


  • Development & Quality Assurance

    Design & Moduularize


    UI & UX

    System Testing Development

  • Support and Maintain

    Release Management

    Production Support


    Version Upgrades

    Evolve- Ideas, Feedback For Innovation

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