Skill Development Program

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Skill Development Program

Aress Software and Education Technologies Pvt. is a Nashik based Company, delivering solutions, services and products to enterprises worldwide with a team of highly accomplished professionals & through robust practices.

Since inception, ARESS is working in the field of Training and Education, livelihood promotion & economic empowerment. So far, the organization has outreached more than 30,000 people thru its infra leasing channel associates and own centres across the states of Andhra Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir. Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and UT of Daman & Diu.

Aress Software & Education Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (ARESS) boasts of a team of professionals who are socially concerned and committed individuals. Apart from Software exports that contribute to the Indian economy by bringing in precious foreign exchange; The primary objectives of the organization are to initiate development interventions for the upliftment of the poor and marginal communities living in the urban, rural and tribal areas of the country.

Objective Of The Skill Development Training


The main objective of the skill development training is to improve the opportunities of educated youth, create self-awareness, self-sustenance and guaranteed job opportunity in India. The guiding principles is to promote decentralization, strengthen community participation and ultimately ensure job opportunities that will lead to sustainability. From day one, candidates are exposed to blended learning using multimodal training methodology comprising of On-Job Training (OJT) and Class room based (CBT) training model - theory and practical and special sessions on Life Skills and Communication Skills. Apart from CBT Mode the On-Job Training (OJT) mode is an integral part of Aress’s training methodology. The training courses have been formulated based on the potential of various job opportunities in the field of IT Services and services that require use of IT in the Front End or Back End. The beneficiaries are shortlisted by a team of counsellors for imparting training on technical and entrepreneurial skills as per domestic as well as international market demand.

Aress endeavours to

  • Promote and facilitate, interventions towards the development of the marginal, underprivileged rural, tribal and urban communities to create access to all opportunities and benefits for their wellbeing.
  • Strengthen grassroots level organizations, and individuals to leverage effective implementation of policies for the upliftment of poor and deprived sections of the society.
  • Promote and provide, education, livelihood and capacity building skills towards social, economic and cultural empowerment of the people.
  • Establish linkages, with government, non-government, and civil societies, financial institutions to create sustainable development opportunities for the under privileged communities.
Aress endeavours

ARESS lays its prime focus on the Skill Development Training with Placement Assistance to the educated, unemployed, unskilled even the dropout youths. We strongly believe that only education and empowerment of the youth can change the destinies of the nations whom they are the responsible citizens. Our approach is holistic, social and marks the economic development with a pro-poor focus by working under the following functional areas i.e. Education, Empowerment, Health care services, Gender equality and Revenue generation. ARESS acts as a catalyst by bridging the gap between the Industry requirements and market availability and we do this by building the potential capacities of these unemployed educated youth and making them competent to exhibit their skills equivalent to the trained professionals available in the market.

Aim of ARESS is to facilitate development amongst the poor and marginalized communities suffering from vulnerabilities due to inaccessible developmental opportunities. The objective of the organization is to build the capacities of the community through sustainable socio-economic empowerment programs. The focused intervention of the organization is to address the issues of unemployed educated youth; women and their children by facilitating their participation levels in the mainstream of development through brining sustainable linkages with national and international agencies.

The main activities are Promotion of Vocational and Livelihood skills among the youth, formation and facilitation of Women Self Help Groups. Awareness generation activities on socio-economic, political, cultural and environmental issues, Thrift and credit activities through developing linkages with government and other Banking and Non-Banking financial institutions.

Our education division, which is 22 years old; aims to make vocational skills accessible to anyone, anywhere in the country through a blended learning model.

We strongly believe that vocational training must be made available to everyone irrespective of their age, gender, educational qualification, family income or socio-economic background. We are committed to truly ‘Skilling India’ since we believe that only a skilled India can dream of being a developed India.

Education Division

The Education division of the Company is aiming to bridge the gap between the non – skilled or insufficiently skilled labour force and the growing requirement of skilled people to handle various responsibilities at the entry level as well as supervisory level in different sectors, IT-ITES, BFSI, Retail, Automotive etc. to name a few.

India’s current education system focuses largely on the theoretical concepts with an absence of practical training using modern technology, leading to a lack of necessary skill sets to get relevant employment. Aress has identified an opportunity to bridge this gap between the aspirational undergraduates and the industries’ demand. With its modern course curriculums, state-of-art infrastructure, industry experts as faculty and continuous up gradation of courses, Aress has become extremely popular among the students and corporate employees seeking up gradation of skill sets.

The Company offers over 20+ courses aimed at skilling the people in sectors with high employment opportunities.

The Company believes in excellence and a focused approach. Based on this vision the company offers courses in the following areas:

Sales and Marketing Management Training
Retail sector
BFSI Sector
Customized Hi-End Technical Training Modules
Soft Skills Related Training
IT and ITES Sector
Automotive Sector
Customized Hi-End Technical Training Modules
Sales and Marketing Management Training
Retail sector
BFSI Sector
Soft Skills Related Training
IT and ITES Sector
Automotive Sector


Increasing the rate of employment of unemployed but potential candidates from disadvantaged sections of society

The aim is to increase the rate of employment of unemployed students. Aress aims to act as an interface between academia and industry practice. The participants who will get trained through this training would be truly enriched and will be on a course to exciting careers in the industry which will help them come out of their weak economic status. This will also help the students to get lucrative jobs in the private sector.

Core Values

Our Core Values are enshrined in the 4Tenets of

  • Respect for People and Fairness and Transparency in all aspects.
  • Honoring all commitments.
  • Belief in shared destiny.
  • Belief in the "Safety First" and Enhancing the Well Being of Environment
  • and Community at large.

Quality Aspects in Institution Governance:


Build a socially equal and empowered society with access to development opportunities for everyone, irrespective of caste, creed or religion.


Apply technology innovation and encourage progressive thought process to help the people to build their capacities for living dignified lives.


Apply technology innovation and encourage progressive thought process to help the people to build their capacities for living dignified lives.

Quality Policy

  • Creating and building mutually beneficial relationships with our customers by providing services that will surpass agreed benchmarks.
  • Creation, Monitoring, and Continuous Improvement of business systems and processes to achieve Cost effective - Delivery, Quality, and Safety Objectives of our business in general, and to achieve Customer's specific goals related to the projects entrusted to us.
  • Train and continuously augment capabilities of the skilled workforce that is committed to Excellence through Team Spirit.

    Our Environment, Health & Safety Policy consists of:

  • Standards to protect Employees, Environment, and Community
  • The 4pillars of the EHS Management System are,
    • Proactive Measures
    • Monitoring Measures
    • Performance Measurement and Review System
    • Corrective and Preventive Measures

    Which are governed from the corporate office and implemented in totality at all centres.


At Aress innovation is a way of life.

PT Connect is an educational network for students and parents, a direct communications channel between teachers, administrators and parents and an information management tool designed to help parents and teachers work together seamlessly to keep on top of the logistical challenge associated with having children at school

SocioDesk is an enterprise Social Network that offers a mobile solution for Android & IOS devices. The mobile app allows corporates to connect to their private enterprise social network in a secured manner. Thus, team members can stay connected with their colleagues as well as with their clients, when on the go. The company′s network is stored in the cloud & that gives members an instant access to all of their conversations & shared files. The notifications & updates arrive in real time to their device.

We are Aress Software & Education Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

In essence,
  • Our People
  • Our Culture
  • Our Processes
  • Our Experience

Beautifully encompasses with your Project Vision to bring your Projects ideas to Reality. We have it all here...We have the people...

We have the systems and most importantly…

We have the ambition!!!

Aress – A socially committed and responsible organisation.

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